Why you should keep your petrol topped up

Jul 15, 2015

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Yes, there is a downside to a full petrol tank, it slows you down by adding weight to the car. However, there are some real benefits as to why you should keep your petrol topped up.

Here are some advantages:

Running out of petrol can cause serious fuel line problems and running low is also not a good idea. If you are driving a fuel injected car and you run out of petrol small particles of dirt and rust that are concentrated at the bottom of the gas tank can be sucked up by the fuel pump and some of this muck can work its way past the fuel filter into the injectors. The new filtration technologies and a clean fuel filter can help to minimize these problems. Filters can get choked up if you regularly drive on an empty tank.

If the tank is low and the car does hard cornering some cars will uncover the fuel pump pickup and starve for fuel.

If you are planning on not using your car for a while it is a good idea to have a full tank as less air in the tank can reduce corrosion of the tank, especially metal ones.

Some cars go further on full tank of fuel: for example, the Volkswagen Passat TDI 6 speed and automatic, Ford F-150 EcoBoost, Volkswagen Touareg TDI and Audi A8.

Condensation in the tank will be reduced. Extra moisture in a tank can cause rust from the inside out and water is a harbours harmful contaminants so less water is better.

Keeping a full tank of fuel enables you to track mileage and fuel costs.

You won’t lose as much fuel; empty space in the tank causes evaporation through the tank’s ventilation system.

There will be less inconsistencies with the fuel.

The pump is cooled by the fuel.

The most obvious one: you’re not going to run out of petrol and be stranded!!!!

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Source: Brakeryard.com

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